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The design world has changed - The way that design and manufacturing teams work together has dramatically changed. Teams that used to be under one roof are now fragmented and globally distributed. Traditional CAD was never built for this new model of distributed design. We know because we’re were there.

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Multipurpose 3D CAD Modeling Software

Create everything from simple 3D printing objects to complex multi-part parametric assemblies with thousands of moving parts.


814 Users creating the future


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8.000 Designed products


2335 Unique designs 


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94 Buildings spread across the globe

Consider more design alternatives and see what others are doing in real time. SolidFace eliminates the traditional CAD hassles like, license-sharing, copying files, locking, worrying about CAD versions, among other problems. So Teams can spend more time designing better products and less time wrestling with CAD

Traditional CAD and PDM costs thousands of dollars for licenses, subscriptions and, maintenance. With SolidFace there’s only one subscription. Version control is built-in so you don’t need extra PDM applications. Best of all, when you start a collaboration others can use your license to work on your project for free.

No more wasting time finding the latest version of a file. Everyone on the team can see the latest version and do their work without worrying about overwriting someone else’s work. When it’s easier to just go in and work, more work gets done faster.

A State-of-the-Art parametric 3D modeling

A CAD rebuilt with everything you need, without the hassles you don’t. True top-down design with configurations, standard content libraries, multi-part modeling and in-context editing.

100% Compatibility

Import existing CAD data and use SolidFace to collaborate with a vendor. Import existing CAD data and using standard X_T®, X_B®, DWG®, DXF®, BMP and much more!


Empower your team with real-time collaboration

A simple straightforward process, in just three easy steps you are on your way to collaborate with anyone, anywhere.




Start a Collaboration

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That's it!

Everyone is always on the same version of CAD. Share a SolidFace model with a vendor or customer and they can instantly and freely view it.

Share your CAD software, not your files.

Maintain control of your data while getting more people involved, all without slowing down the design process:

  • Give collaborators limited, revocable access to designs.
  • Simultaneously edit parts and assemblies for rapid product development.
  • See who changed what in the design and when.
  • Compare and restore to any prior state of the design.
  • Set, change or revoke individual permissions at any time.
  • Keep your files on premises. With hybrid-modeling create collaboration in your own network.

Unprecedented control and security

A Complete 2D/3D CAD tool for the right design decision

The parameterization capability is one of the greatest advantages of SolidFace and it is present in all design steps. 3D Motion simulation is no different; the simulation is updated simultaneously with the movement. Another important capability is the simulation of 2D mechanisms, which can be performed either in 2D drawing or in 3D sketch module.

Exploded view

An exploded view is a diagram, picture or technical drawing of an object, that shows the relationship or order of assembly of various parts. This allows the components (parts and sub-assemblies) to be visualized with defined displacements. The exploded view can be enabled or disabled at any time of the project creation.

Interact directly with the geometry of the model. Manipulate it by pushing, pulling, or twisting. Keeping the steps that create the final model, direct modeling allows the geometry of the features to be parametrically modified by editing the feature used to create the new faces.

Direct modeling

Parametric & Simulation

SolidFace Sketch automatically creates parametric reference for modeling features that can be edited in a very simple and interactive way. This is an in-house developed module and fully integrated with the 3D module.

Our assembly module is easy, accurate and effective, enabling you to build assemblies using modeled parts and sub-assemblies. 

The automatic link between the modules facilitates the manipulation of assembly parts, thus any editing on a part or assembly, results in an automatic change in the assembly that references this component

Our drawing, part, and assembly modules 

are 100% integrated!

What Others Are Saying

Don't just take our word for it, see it for yourself. Hear what some of our customers have to say about our software!

Mike Attaway

"PLM and CAD technology is at a precipice of change. I think that SolidFace Technology is right at the edge of that innovation. I look forward to seeing SolidFace Technology becoming a leader in CAD tech because they are a hybrid system. They have both a local save option as well as a cloud collaborative technology option."

Andrew Stone

" I look forward to seeing SolidFace Technology becoming a leader in the CAD market. They have both a local and cloud collaborative technology option. This is way more desirable from a company perspective. Since the collaboration module is huge time saver."

Collin Beard

"Their 2D/3D solutions are at the vanguard of disruptive technologies and boldly challenge the conventional norms through the innovative use of real-time collaborative modules, user-friendly interface and easy adaptability to dynamic needs with significant budgetary relief."

Murad Salman Mirza

" This is the wonderful realization of a galvanizing dream by authentic, dedicated and richly experienced CAD Developers who want to put the benefits of groundbreaking affordable technology at the core of their business without the gimmicks of a transient business."

Ex-Senior Staff Engineer Technologist at GE - AVIATION

The best cost-benefit ever in a professional 3D CAD modeling software

Enjoy our trial for unlimited time! 

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All feature! All updates! All Upgrades! 

*Check features Bellow.



Minimum system requirements:

Support Windows ® operating systems;

32/64 bit Processor (x86/x64);

2 GB of RAM;

2 GB of available disk space;

256MB Graphics card or higher;

1024×768 minimum resolution;

Need a broadband connection to the Internet to access License Logic during installation. 

  • Real-Time 3D Cloud Collaboration Modeling on Parts and Assemblies;
  • Online Streaming between users;
  • Part, Sketch, Assembly and Drawing module;
  • Communication with other CAD software via standard X_T®, X_B®, DWG®, DXF®, STL, BMP, etc. (Standard Version)
  • and Step, Iges, Catia®, NX®, SolidWorks®, Solid Edge®, Inventor®, Pro-E®, Creo®, Rhino®, VRML, etc. (Extended Version) Coming soon;
  • 3D history construction tree and direct command editing;
  • Parametric and automatic associative geometric construction references such as midpoint, center of arcs and circles, endpoint, etc;
  • 3D printing compatibility;
  • Exploded view;
  • Clash and collision test;
  • Communication with other Windows® applications through clipboard (Clipboard);
  • Associative dimensioning fully adapted to a number of standards;
  • Geometric operations and editing through direct entity or feature tree selection;
  • Creation of complex geometries such as cams, gears etc;
  • 3D features construction such as Extrude, Revolve, Loft, Sweep, etc
  • 3D family of parts creation using CSV format (Excel® files Association) or TXT table files;
  • Configurable toolbars;
  • Possibility of managing multiple projects simultaneously (multiple instances);
  • Graphics screen can be divided up to 16 view windows, allowing the visualization of several project details;
  • Print Preview;
  • PDF® printing compatibility;
  • Local and global variables;
  • Definition of parametric variables via commands, questions, or variable tables;
  • Logical conditions If-then-else;
  • Parametric generation of bill of materials with associative link with Excel® and Access® 

No one is capable of beating our price with this amazing feature list .

Enjoy our trial for unlimited time! 

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